Bodily Injury and Property Damage

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Buying auto insurance should be easy. But sometimes there’s so many options and different coverage options that knowing exactly what your buying isn’t always as straightforward as it could be. At Insurance Maestro, e’re here to make your choices informed, straightforward, and free from any industry jargon; just the way it should be. 

What exactly is bodily injury insurance and what does it cover?

It’s a type of liability coverage that will help to pay for lost income and medical expenses arising from any injuries sustained in an accident that’s caused by you. Bodily injury coverage can also help to pay legal fees in the event you’re taken to court because of the accident. In most states, it’s mandated by law that you need to buy bodily injury coverage as part of your auto insurance policy.

So, that’s the nutshell summary of what bodily insurance will cover. Now, here’s a look under the hood and a more comprehensive explanation of the level of coverage you can expect.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage Explained

If you are found to be at fault for an accident that causes an injury to another person, this is what you can expect to be covered. 

  • Lost Earnings / Wages

If you injure someone and they incur lost wages as a result of their injuries, either because they’re unable to perform their job or they cannot work while they recover; this element of your coverage could help to pay compensation. In some states, there are upper limits imposed on the dollar amount of money an injured party can receive in respect to lost income.

  • Legal Expenses

If you’re faced with a lawsuit after an accident that causes an injury to a third-party, you may need to seek out legal counsel. You bodily injury coverage could help you pay all or some of your legal fees. 

  • Medical Expenses

The final element of coverage is designed to help pay for the hospital care, emergency services, doctor’s visits that are needed to follow-up the injuries, along with other connected medical costs, such as a wheelchair or crutches. 

Who will your bodily injury liability cover?

In terms of who is covered by your bodily injury insurance, it applies to any other person or people that you injure with your vehicle. It could be a pedestrian, a driver of another car, or any passenger in your vehicle (as long as they are unrelated). If your own family is injured or they lose wages because of an accident you cause, their expenses are not covered. 

What is property damage coverage as part of your auto insurance?

Again, it’s another form of auto liability coverage that is designed to pay out in order to repair damage you cause to another person’s property or their vehicle. Building fronts and fences are included in the type of property damage this is typically covered. Most states will require you to carry this coverage under law. It won’t typically provide coverage for your own vehicle you’ll need to buy collision coverage for this. 

How much property damage coverage do you need?

The state limits for property damage coverage vary from state to state. In Texas, the minimum amount you need is currently $25,000, but in Florida it’s $10,000. Make sure you check out your local state laws with your insurance agent. 

You can buy property damage liability coverage above the minimum limits set by your state, and this can give you peace of mind that should a claim exceed your policy limits, you won’t have to find the money to pay any differential out of your own money if you are found to cause an accident. Obviously, the higher your limit, the higher your insurance premium will be. 

Closing Words

Both Bodily Injury and Property Damage are key liability coverages you need to know and understand. We hope you’ve found this post useful, and that you’ve now got all the information you need to make the best decision for your individual needs. 

We’re Here for You

We want to help you find the best liability insurance. If you contact us directly, our team will be happy to offer guidance about the different types of coverage you might need to buy; we can also get prices from the best insurers and present you with a range of options to choose from. 

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