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Dan's Story

Dan, Dan, the Delivery Man.

Dan has been delivering independently for Amazon since 2015. His prior insurance company was a “set it and forget it” transaction. Dan never heard from his agent until it was time to renew, and was unaware of what kind of coverage options he was paying for, much less what was available to him.

Insurance Maestro was able to get him the Commercial Auto Insurance coverage he needed, not only at a price he could afford, but also with the resources to access his policy 24/7. This gives Dan’s client’s the peace of mind that their packages are insured in the event of an accident. Today, Dan’s business is thriving and he is in the process of acquiring a new vehicle.

A Quick Guide to Commercial Auto Insurance

At Insurance Maestro, we understand you want to find the best Commercial Auto insurance possible. It needs to strike the right  balance between affordable and comprehensive. Our friendly team of insurance experts are here to support you, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions
about Commercial Auto Insurance

Does commercial auto insurance cover vehicles owned by individuals?

If your company uses vehicles that it doesn’t own, then these can be covered with a non-owned and hired auto insurance policy. If your staff use their personal vehicles for any other reason than driving to a fixed place of work, then often, their personal auto insurance will not cover them for this extended commercial use.

Does commercial auto insurance automatically cover trailers?

Yes and no. If all depends on the weight of the trailer you use. If the gross vehicle weight is under 2,000 lbs, then it might have liability covered as standard. However, for damage and theft coverage, you’ll need to speak with your insurer to add this to your policy. If your trailer is above this weight, then it will not be covered unless you exclusively add this to your commercial auto policy when you take it out. 

How is the cost of commercial auto insurance worked out?

There are lots of moving parts that factor into the overall cost of buying commercial auto insurance for your business. Here’s what the majority of business auto insurers will review when offering you a price for your auto insurance.

  • The number of vehicles, their value, and the type of vehicle/s that are being used.
  • Your policy limits and any applicable deductibles
  • The claims history and driving record of the company or individuals
  • The level of risk of any business activities carried out, and the sector you belong to
  • The location of the business or its individual service areas 

Who is covered to drive under a commercial auto insurance policy?

 Commercial auto insurance can cover you, your employees, family members, and others. If any person is going to use a vehicle to undertake work-related duties, then you will need to add them as a driver on your business auto policy.

We're Here For You

At Insurance Maestro, we want to help you find the best Commercial Auto Insurance for your company’s needs. If you contact us directly, our team of experts will be happy to offer guidance about the different types of coverage you might need to buy. 

Thinking about
Commercial Auto Insurance
for your Business?

Read this first.

Insurance-Maestro-Commercial- Auto-Insurance

At Insurance Maestro, we understand you want to find the best commercial auto insurance possible. It needs to strike the right  balance between affordable and comprehensive. Our friendly team of business auto insurance experts are here to support you, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have.

We believe your time should be spent focusing on your day-to-day operations, and we’re here to make sure the process of buying auto insurance for your business is hassle-free, informed, and easy.

Commercial Auto Insurance Explained 

Whether you use a single vehicle, an entire fleet or your staff use their personal vehicles for work-related duties; you need to get the right commercial auto coverage in place. Before you buy any commercial auto insurance, read this quick guide to help you easily understand your options. 

Knowing When to Buy Commercial Auto Insurance 

Almost all states require you to buy business auto insurance by law. This applies to vehicles you lease or possess under contract, along with those you or the company owns. You can get coverage for damages connected to an accident or theft, and it will also cover any connected medical expenses too. 

You need commercial auto insurance if:

  • You transport clients, employees, hazardous materials, tools, equipment, or products.
  • If you drive to several work sites or those of your clients
  • If you use a vehicle for towing
  • If you have any type of vehicle that is titled to your company
  • If your staff use their personal vehicles for any work-related reasons apart from commuting to a single place of work

What is Covered by Commercial Auto Insurance?

While each insurer sets their own terms, these are the most common types of events you can buy business auto insurance for:

  • Uninsured/underinsured motors
  • Collisions 
  • Physical damage
  • Theft
  • Medical expenses and payments
  • Auto accident liability
  • Lease gap coverage
  • Rental reimbursement

Aside from buying standard commercial auto insurance, you can also adapt a policy to suit individual business needs by adding optional extras to your policy. Here are the most common options you can expect to see:

  • Roadside and breakdown assistance 
  • Lease or Loan gap coverage
  • Rental reimbursement 
  • New vehicle replacement cost
  • Expanded towing
  • Hired auto physical damage
  • Personal injury protection

Not all of these options may apply to your own company usage or needs, but it’s always a good idea to understand the extra benefits each offers Vs. the cost of adding them to your business auto insurance policy. 

 What vehicles can be covered by Commercial Auto Insurance?

A commercial auto insurance policy can provide coverage for trucks, vans, semi-trucks, cars, and other specialist commercial vehicles. If your vehicle has been heavily adapted or modified, then you might only be able to buy coverage from specialist insurers. 

Got a question? We’ve got answers.

Our team of Commercial Auto Insurance experts will be happy to discuss your unique needs. Contact us today, and we’ll work through the options for you, leaving you free to focus your attention back on your business. 

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