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Linda's Story

Linda the dentist

Linda had gone through years of school, years of training, and years of working under other dentists. Now, she was ready to open her own practice. She was extremely excited to have her very own business, but she was also nervous. So many things could go wrong! 

Linda didn’t have to worry for long, however. After searching the internet, she found out about Insurance Maestro. Insurance Maestro was there to help Linda find the best business owner policy for her practice. Now, all she has to worry about is fixing teeth.

A Quick Guide to Dental Clinic Insurance

At Insurance Maestro, we understand you want to find the best Dental Clinic Insurance possible. It needs to strike the right  balance between affordable and comprehensive. Our friendly team of insurance experts are here to support you, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions
about Dental Clinic Insurance

How can you save money on your commercial insurance?

There are lots of ways you can reduce your premiums over time. An easy way to see an immediate saving on your dentist insurance is to bundle your insurance policies together. For example, you can combine CGL, property insurance, and business interruption cover into what’s known as a BOP – A business owners policy. Also, by purchasing multiple policies from the same insurer, you can often get a loyalty element of discount applied.

Will my dentist’s insurance cover me if the equipment breaks down in our clinic?

Standard commercial insurance will not cover breakdowns. But you can buy extra insurance for your essential equipment in the event it ceases to operate or develops a fault.

Is there anything that is not covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

Most dental practices hire staff, and because of this, you’ll find you need to purchase workers compensation coverage (double-check your legal obligations with one of our team). You will need to check your individual policy terms, as they can differ from one state to the next. Typically, horseplay resulting in injury, injuries incurred while committing an illegal act, or injuries caused by an act of God are not covered.

Do I need to buy commercial property insurance if I lease a building?

In most cases, yes. Although a landlord could have their own insurance in place, buying business property insurance could form part of your lease agreement. Aside from this, it gives you cover for more than just the physical building, and will also cover essential items, such as your equipment, inventory, furnishings, signage, and more.

Which type of malpractice coverage is best, claims-made or occurrence?

Occurrence coverage is more expensive than claims-made dental malpractice insurance. However, with occurrence coverage, you get a more comprehensive range of benefits compared with those offered with the claims-made option. For instance, with claims-made, it is based on the point in time that a claim is made rather than when the incident occurred. So, if a patient decides to take legal action against you three years after they received treatment, and your policy was 1-year claims made, then you will not be covered for this claim. However, with an occurrence-based policy, you would be covered in this situation, even if the original policy had expired. 

If you aren’t sure which is right for you, then a member of our commercial insurance tesm can help you get the clarity you need.

We're Here For You

We want to help you find the best commercial insurance for your dental practice. If you contact us directly, our team will be happy to offer guidance about the different types of coverage you might need to buy, and can explain everything to you, while giving you a full breakdown of the costings and coverage you can expect to receive. 

Thinking about Buying Insurance for your
Dental Clinic?

Read this first.


At Insurance Maestro, our friendly team of commercial insurance experts are here to help you find and buy the best insurance for your dental clinic. We know you want to dedicate as much of your time focussing on your business, and we’re here to make sure the process of buying commercial insurance is hassle-free, informed, and easy.

A Quick Guide to Buying Dentist Insurance

Commercial insurance is designed to protect the practice you’ve worked so hard to build. It can safeguard your own assets, the people who work for you, and your customers.

What types of Commercial Insurance does a Dentist need for a clinic?

As you’ll know, no two dental practices are the same. However, you can tailor your insurance to meet the individual needs of your clinic; and we can help you with this. To give you an initial idea, here’s a list of the types of commercial insurance dentists need to buy.

  • Professional Liability Coverage 
  • General Liability Coverage
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Commercial Property Coverage
  • Product Liability Coverage
  • Data Breach Insurance
  • Theft Insurance
  • Dental Locum Coverage
  • Employee Health Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Coverage
  • Employment Practices and Liability 
  • Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Dental Malpractice Coverage – ask us about the difference between claims-made and occurrence coverage!
  • Keyman Insurance
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage

As you can see, there’s lots to choose from. At Insurance Maestro, we’ll find out about your business, and help you select and adapt your coverage so that it meets your needs. Meaning you only buy the insurance you need, and that you never pay more than you have to. 

We can also help you find the most cost-effective way to insure your dental practice, and by taking our multiple policies with the same insurer or bundling products together, we will find the best discounts for your commercial insurance, while providing you with the best coverage.

Got a question? We’ve got answers.

Our team of Commercial Insurance experts will be happy to discuss your unique needs. Contact us today, and we’ll work through the options for you, leaving you free to focus your attention back on your business. 

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