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Salon Insurance

Dana's Story

An Unexpected Drop in Coverage

Dana had been running her beauty salon for 12 years when her insurance decided to drop coverage of her business. Dana was scared she would have to shut down if she couldn’t find a new plan she could afford, and fast!

Dana’s daughter recommended Insurance Maestro. Insurance Maestro came to the rescue and helped Dana find the best Salon Insurance plan for her beauty salon. Dana is now back to business as usual, making the world a more beautiful place. 

A Quick Guide to Salon Insurance​

At Insurance Maestro, we understand you want to find the best Salon Insurance possible. It needs to strike the right  balance between affordable and comprehensive. Our friendly team of insurance experts are here to support you, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions
about Salon Insurance

If I lease out chairs to other beauty professionals, do I have to buy insurance for them too?

Not always. If you employ people to work in your salon, then yes. However, if they are self-employed, then you should ask them to provide you with proof that they carry their own liability insurance.

Do I need to buy property insurance for a salon if I lease the premises?

It’s probable, that your landlord will have some form of property insurance in place already. However, you might also be contractually obliged to buy commercial property coverage too. Check your lease agreement to confirm. Aside from this, buying commercial property coverage will give you protection for your salon’s inventory, equipment, furnishing, signage, and more; which is why buying it is a sound choice.

What insurance risks do salons pose?

Because a salon is a service-based business dealing with members of the public, there are the obvious third-party risks, such as trips and slips. Aside from this, the business is also exposed to legal action from clients or employees for any alleged negligence or failure to perform; as well as facing unplanned interruptions and events that disrupt the normal operations; such as a fire, storm damage, water leak, equipment breakdowns, and more. You’ll probably sell some of the products you use, and this presents an added element of exposure in the event one of these products injures a person or their property.

We're Here For You

At Insurance Maestro, we want to help you find the best Salon Insurance for your company’s needs. If you contact us directly, our team of experts will be happy to offer guidance about the different types of coverage you might need to buy. 

Thinking about Buying Insurance for your Salon?

Read this first.


At Insurance Maestro, our friendly team of commercial insurance experts are here to help you find and buy the best insurance for your salon. We’re here to make sure the process of buying commercial insurance for salon as hassle-free, informed, and easy as we can.

A Quick Guide to Buying Salon Insurance

Commercial insurance is designed to protect the business you’ve worked so hard to build. It can safeguard your own assets, the people who work for you, and the people who use your services. 

While it’s easy to opt for the cheapest insurance for a salon, it isn’t always the best option, particularly in the event you need to make a claim. By investing a little extra time, and speaking with a salon insurance expert, you can get a great deal on a commercial insurance package, that offers a more tailored policy for your business. We’ll make sure you only buy the coverage you actually need, resulting in a cost-effective solution that can support your salon and its business activities for the year ahead.

What types of Commercial Insurance do you need for your salon?

We know it can be a little overwhelming when faced with a huge range of commercial insurance products; not to mention the countless add-ons and endorsements that are presented. We’ve summarized the typical insurance options salon owners are faced with and put a quick summary of each. 

Here’s a list of the types of commercial insurance salon owners may need to buy.

  • Professional Liability Coverage – this covers your services and any advice you deliver as part of your business in the event of a claim of negligence. 
  • General Liability Coverage – this mainly covers third party claims for injury and property damage
  • Theft Insurance – often added on as endorsement for coverage against theft
  • Workers Compensation Coverage and Employment Practices and Liability – only relevant if you have employees; but in some states, you may still need to buy workers compensation coverage for yourself as the sole worker/employee.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage – not always relevant to all salons, but essential for those who depend on equipment to carry out their daily duties. If any equipment was out of action in your salon, and it would impact your service delivery and/or profits, then this coverage could be crucial.
  • Business Interruption Insurance – this is often included in a business owners policy and can help with covering wages and lost profits if you need to close following a covered event. 
  • Commercial Property Coverage – this can cover the property and most of its contents, including inventory, equipment, furnishings, and more. 
  • Product Liability Coverage – if you sell products (and not many salons don’t), then you need this to cover you in the event a product causes harm to a person or their property.
  • Data Breach Insurance – only relevant to those who collect, store, or process personal or financial information about their clients. 

As you can see, there’s lots to choose from. At Insurance Maestro, we’ll find out about your salon, and help you select and adapt your coverage so that it meets your needs. Meaning you only buy the insurance you need, and that you never pay more than you need.

Got a question? We’ve got answers.

Our team of Commercial Insurance experts will be happy to discuss your unique needs. Contact us today, and we’ll work through the options for you, leaving you free to focus your attention back on your business. 

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