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Meet the Wilson's

Jay and Rita... New Kids on the Block

After selling their home of 12 years to upgrade their space and move closer to their kids, Jay and Rita Wilson where pleasantly surprised with how quickly Insurance Maestro was able to supply them with a home insurance quote during their buying process.

Now, six months later, Jay and Rita have spent time with the Insurance Maestro team understanding what types of home insurance coverage are available and recommended for their large family and frequent visitors. After coming from an insurance agency where they rarely heard from their agent, they love being able to communicate with their agent easier and by means of preferred communication, like texting.

A Quick Guide to Homeowners Insurance​

At Insurance Maestro, we understand you want to find the best Homeowners Insurance possible. It needs to strike the right  balance between affordable and comprehensive. Our friendly team of insurance experts are here to support you, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions
about Homeowners Insurance​

Are you legally obliged to buy homeowners insurance?

You can legally own property without buying homeowner insurance. However, if you have a mortgage, you’re probably going to find that your lender wants you to have coverage to fulfil your contractual obligations. Even if there are no ‘legal’ or ‘contractual’ obligations in place, you’d probably want to make sure you buy homeowners coverage for peace of mind and protection against fire, natural disasters, or some other unfortunate event.

Is damage caused by water included in all home insurance policies?

Most insurers will cover damage from a burst pipe, but they won’t cover water damage from flooding, gradual leaks, or sewer back-ups. Always check the terms before you buy and ask if you can pay more for additional coverage that covers events such as sewer back-ups, and more.

Can insurers check previous claims made on homeowner insurance policies?

Yes! CLUE is a database designed to help insurers share information about previous claims. Generally, it covers a 7-year period. So, if you have just purchased a property, the insurer will check your own personal record, along with that of the property. 

TIP: Thanks to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you can obtain a free copy of your loss history report if you are denied insurance for any reason that relates to data held in the report.

Can you transfer a homeowner insurance policy?

Yes, you can. This actually applies to both Renters Insurance and Homeowners Insurance. However, you will need to contact your insurance company BEFORE you move to make sure there are no gaps in coverage or any surprises in terms of the cost of your new policy. Just to note, that ‘technically’, your old policy will be cancelled, and your insurer will start a new policy; this is due to the fact there are many variables which will be different, such as the building, the coverage, the risks, and more.

We're Here For You

We want to help you find the best Homeowners Insurance for your individual needs. If you contact us directly, our friendly team of experts will be happy to talk to you and provide support or guidance about the different types of coverage you’re looking into. 

Thinking about buying Homeowners Insurance?

Read this first.


At Insurance Maestro, our ultimate goal is to make the process of buying homeowner insurance quick and easy. Our team of personal insurance experts can give you direct answers to your questions about homeowner Insurance. 

For starters, we’ve put together a quick guide, covering some of the most typical questions our team are asked.

Homeowner Insurance – What is and isn’t covered?

Just like most insurances, there are always going to be differences between different policies and insurers. However, generally speaking, this is what you can expect to be covered against when you buy homeowner insurance. 

Personal Liability
Essential legal protection for damages or injuries caused by you or your family, and potentially also a family pet. Liability levels differ greatly between insurers, but you can always top-up these limits by purchasing personal umbrella insurance. 

Damage to Your Property
Each insurer will have their own list of covered ‘events’. Never assume that because one policy covers a specific event, they all will. For any damage that is caused to the exterior and interior of your property, due to a ‘covered’ event, your homeowner insurance will cover the cost of a rebuild or repair up to the limits on your policy.

If you have shed or outbuildings, then not all homeowner policies will cover all external structures, you might need extra coverage.   

Internal Items
Your homely possessions, such as appliances, clothing, furnishings, and more; will be covered, but only if a ‘covered event’ occurs. If you want coverage for taking things out of the house, such as technology or bikes, for instance, then you’ll need to buy an additional product, called off-premise coverage. If you have high-value items, then your insurer will need to know, and you might need to add-on extra coverage for these pieces. 

Additional Living Expenses
If you aren’t able to stay at your property after a ‘covered event’ occurs, then the cost of a hotel or housing could also be reimbursed by your Homeowner Insurance too. However, you can’t lodge at the Hilton and expect a full reimbursement; there’s always daily and total limitations in place.

What events are covered under Homeowners Insurance?
As we’ve already touched on, there are a limited number of events that any Homeowner Insurance policy will cover. Here’s a list of what we see insurers typically offering coverage against:

  • Water damage – limited to ruptured pipes
  • Fire, smoke, lightning, hail, explosions, wind
  • Damaged caused by a vehicle – aircraft, car, motorcycle
  • Vandalism or malicious mischief 
  • Weight of sleet, snow, or ice
  • Falling objects – trees

Please remember that each insurer is different, and you’ll need to double-check the terms of any policy documentation before you buy.

Got a question? We’ve got answers.

Our team of Personal Insurance experts will be happy to chat with you about your unique needs. Contact us today, and we’ll happily talk through the options with you.

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